1. It was July 2014. On a Hinge date.
  2. The guy was from my hometown. He had gone to the neighboring high school that my best friend from camp had gone to. When we matched on Hinge, I knew I had to talk to him because the world was too small.
  3. He was probably at my Bat Mitzvah because he as a few years older and worked for the DJ that did my party. He said he always worked the luncheon receptions at my venue.
  4. He lived two blocks from the office building I was working in.
  5. We decided there were too many coincidences. We had to meet. That day.
  6. We got a drink at a saloon I'd never been to after work. I could tell he was immediately smitten. He told me his mother would love that I was from Pikesville.
  7. But he was nice and so blatantly into me. We finished drinks and decided to walk to get dinner.
  8. He took me to a pizzeria, which I thought was strange because he was a vegan. We ordered watermelon margaritas and split a spicy vegan pizza.
  9. He not only went to my friend's high school, but he knew her! He'd been friends with her high school boyfriend!
  10. So I texted her.
  12. But there I was on this date with this guy I liked so I decided I would wait to talk to her.
  13. He was intense.
  14. We made out on the bench at the side of my office's parking structure.
  15. I told him that if my friend didn't approve, we'd have to stop seeing each other. I think he thought I was joking.
  16. The next day I talked to my friend. She explained all the ways he was crazy.
  17. I told him I couldn't see him anymore.
  18. He flipped out. Further intensity.
  19. He didn't understand how I could take my friend's word over his. We'd been friends for 13 years.
  20. We did not go on a second date.
  21. Tonight, I sat at what I'm almost positive was the exact same table at the restaurant I haven't been back to since then.
  22. But it was a great meal, so I'll have to reclaim this spot from Vegan Pizza Boy. Maybe go with my boyfriend next time.