1. I was born in March. I should love this month.
  2. My birthday was always during Spring Break growing up (and even in college-thanks, quarter system!) so it usually wasn't celebrated when I was in school.
  3. I love spring, but in my adulthood, times have been strange.
  4. One year, I was completely blindsided by a breakup, four days before my birthday.
  5. Another year, I went to Disney World with my then-boyfriend (different guy than the one above).
  6. I ended up having to go across the state of Florida because my grandmother was in hospice.
  7. The night before my grandma died, my parents told me my dad had cancer. (He's OK now.)
  8. She passed away, and 8 days later, my other grandmother died, too.
  9. I have friends that are very birthday-obsessed. And that's great.
  10. But I don't like to go all out for my birthday. There's too much else going on in my head in this strange month of March.