I honestly think I blocked this out entirely until I read @olive's heartbreaking list and it came back to me, six months after the fact.
  1. I'm on the phone with @linzamauve one night while I walked to the Gelson's near my house to pick up dinner. We're talking about sexism in the workplace. I distinctly remember that.
  2. As I'm leaving the store, there's a group of people taking up most of the sidewalk. I have no choice but to walk through them.
  3. I look up and lock eyes with him. We haven't had any contact since he told me he was "sorry I felt that way" after I confronted him. It's been six months.
  4. But here I am, less than a foot away from him. Forced close contact as a result of the group he's with.
  5. I don't say anything but my eyes linger a little too long as I question if I should.
  6. He doesn't even open his mouth. He just stares back at me.
  7. But I'm still on the phone with Lindsey, and now I'm trying to get far enough away from him that I can tell her why I just went silent.
  8. I lived in a completely other part of town when we were dating. And now he's seen me walking out of the grocery store. Not driving. So now he knows I'm close.
  9. I try not to panic. I still have to walk home. But it's dark out and he saw me walking and I'm sure he's not following me but it feels like his eyes are.
  10. And as I near my building, there's a completely naked man standing in front of it and I don't want to make eye contact but I also don't want to look down so I just charge ahead and triple lock my door once I get inside.