1. Any TV shows I've started watching
    Even when they end up being terrible, I can't stop (see: SHOWS I WATCHED FOR WAY TOO LONG Shows I Watched for Way Too Long)
  2. Cups of coffee
    Even when I want to stop drinking it--I have a hard time stopping
  3. The top coat of my nail polish, even though it's bad
    It's just a top coat but stilllll I feel bad
  4. The song that's on the radio before I turn off my car
    If you cut it off early, that's song karma--how songs get stuck in your head forever!
  5. These sausages I accidentally keep buying
    I now have an excess of because my boyfriend won't eat them (they say chicken and turkey but have pork casings boooo)
  6. My pilot script
    Ew. I hate that I included this. But I'm at work for 12-13 hours a day now that we're in production, and there's really not much else to do besides write so...
  7. Puzzles on my mom's iPad whenever we visit
    She has an app that I can't use on my phone and it's wonderful