1. I had to buy soap for his apartment.
    He had no soap in his bathroom. I was so anxious about cleaning up before and after sex. I literally bought him soap. He was 26.
  2. He didn't know he was missing $4K
    He'd been freelance for 4 years. One day he called me and was like, I got a check but I don't know what job it's for. I asked how he kept track of his invoices. He said he pinned them to his bulletin board. He had no tracking doc. No "must remit payment within X # of days." He started trying to match check stubs with invoices & realized he was owed OVER FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. But I didn't feel bad cause he had been doing this way too long to not be on top of his shit. Also we were SO POOR.
  3. He refused to go to the aquarium
    He was afraid of fish so he wouldn't take me to the damn aquarium even though we lived in Maryland which had an INCREDIBLE aquarium.
  4. He had PINK HAIR
    He was in a band and said he looked too much like a Disney star without the pink and I still had sex with him.