My roommate's parents are in town and took us to Michael Voltaggio's restaurant, ink. And then we ate all the things. (Food review from a non-foodie)
  1. hamachi, shiitake escabèche, hazelnuts, kelp
    I have no idea what this was. I think I ate some nuts.
  2. little gems, burrata, anchovy cracker, lemon dressing
    This was a salad (who knew?) and it was delightful. The anchovy cracker on top was very cool and apparently I like anchovy now.
  3. fish sticks, cuttlefish, banana tartar sauce
    This was not my favorite but also not bad. Might have been the only thing we didn't finish.
  4. potato polenta, foie gras, fermented cabbage, duck broth
    My roommate ate the entire small plate. She made her "I'm in heaven while eating" face so I'm guessing it was pretty good.
  5. corn, housemade ranch “foritos,” nori, green onion
    Don't like Doritos so I didn't think I'd like this, but the corn dip was INSANE.
  6. salt and charcoal potato, housemade sour cream, black vinegar
    These were very good potatoes but the best part was that they brought out the vinegar in a bottle with an eye dropper. My roommate's dad got a real kick out of that.
  7. egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom brown butter, hen of the woods
    How do they put the egg yolk inside the gnocchi?? My brain cannot comprehend. This was amazing. The gnocchi basically explodes in your mouth and is delightful. I especially liked the mushrooms.
  8. octopus, ink. shells, young fennel, pimentom
    This was my favorite. The octopus was grilled deliciousness and the shells were so so so good and I can't even be articulate about how much I loved this.
  9. wild alaskan halibut, spring vegetables, green garlic, pine nuts
    Good halibut. Good sauce. This came out last and I was so full and then my fork hit the plate wrong and made a terrible noise. Also pine nuts are a fun treat.
  10. apple, caramel, shortbread, burnt wood semifreddo
    You basically hit this ice cream ball thing with a spoon and it falls apart and this included all things I love and I was so incredibly full but it didn't matter. I powered through (kept eating)