1. Write daily
    @list is great for feeling like I'm still using a creative part of my brain, but I need to be doing more!
  2. Floss daily
    I'm trying so hard.
  3. Set coffee up the night before
    I can set up my coffee to brew on a timer. This discourages me from stopping at a coffee shop and buying coffee when I'm already running late, and when I can make it for way cheaper in my casa.
  4. Look for a new job
    Unfortunately, we're about to go on an unplanned hiatus that leaves me unemployed for a few more months than I can afford to be.
  5. Use eye cream nightly
    I bought eye cream and couldn't figure out how to use it. Yes, this is as dumb as it sounds. I've finally decided to take the time to actually dab it in all the way.
  6. Stay organized
    Today I got a makeup organizer and proceeded to throw away a BUNCH of old makeup. Progress!
  7. Tell people no
    This is hard for me. I've always ended up being the mom/therapist of every friend group I've ever been part of. I'm trying to reconciling being able to say "no"/"I can't deal with your problems"/"I need to focus on myself right now" without feeling selfish or guilty.