1. "A true sign of being sick is being too weak to open the DayQuil packet."
  2. This photo:
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    Important reminder on my desk/Instagram
  3. "PRO-TIP: DayQuil + caffeine = regrets"
  4. "I wish I wasn't on drugs."
    Said to my coworker when I inexplicably burst into tears. (Sorry @alixbrown 😬)
  5. "I'm on too many cold meds to make major life decisions."
    Text to all of my friends
  6. "How often can I take DayQuil"
    Tweet when I thought I was on Google
  7. "Wait I thought this was google. I might not need more DayQuil yet."
    Tweet/see above
  8. "I'm on the D"
    Gchat to my roommate
  9. "Can DayQuil make me accidentally eat my hand?"
    Tweet/genuine question
  10. I also wrote the previous list in the middle of my DayQuil daze. Does it make sense? Who even knows!