Apparently it's National Ex Day (according to the almighty Twitter). We may have crashed and burned spectacularly several times before it was really over, but he brought some good into my life that has stayed with me.
  1. alt-J
    This became one of my favorite bands. I first heard them on his sex playlist, which was called Hipster Sex because of course it was. I had a particularly memorable orgasm to an acoustic version of their song, Tessellate:
  2. Beards
    Before him, my guys tended to be overwhelmingly clean-shaven. But his was a serious beard, and I've been in board ever since.
  3. Literature on sex positive parenting
    He was significantly older than I was, and talked a lot about sex positive thinking, and we had many important conversations that helped me think about the way that I navigated my own sexuality. He sent me this article about sex positive parenting and it stuck with me. It was one of the first times I started thinking about parenting in concrete ways (am not a parent yet and don't plan to be for a while, but still).
  4. Firefly
    I had never seen Firefly. We watched it all, and Serenity. My favorite episode is obviously the flashback one. We watched that one twice. So many incredible badass ladies!
  5. Indian food
    I hadn't really had Indian food before. Never before I moved to LA, and only a handful of times as part of our office lunch order. I lived down the street from the Hare Krishna church, and there was a fantastic market he and I used to eat at, trying copious amounts of things while not being quite sure what we were consuming, but loving it all the same.
  6. Mr. Little Jeans
    Another musical love that was from him. When we were dating, he played me her haunting cover of The Suburbs by Arcade Fire, and then after we broke up, her album came out and became a talking point when we weren't supposed to be talking yet. Have seen her since without him and she is just the best. I desperately want her Pocketknife necklace.