I worked on shows that always used the crew as extras in scenes. I am not an actor and have zero interest in becoming one, especially after these instances.
  1. Comedy Bang! Bang!
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    The ADs went: "We need a girl from the office who's wearing a dress right now!" I was the only girl from the office who was wearing a dress.
  2. W/Bob & David
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    In the audience since my boss produced this show but I was on another project at the time. The screen grab that spawned many texts from people, some lovely like @MariyaAlexander. Some awful, like the ex boyfriend I hadn't seen in over a year (When You Get a Random Text From an Ex)
  3. The Birthday Boys
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    See: MY FIVE MINUTES OF FAME (My Five Minutes of Fame 😎) for the time I was actually written into the script.
  4. W/Bob & David
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    I went to a lot of these tapings. They kept putting me front row center. I kept dying.
  5. Review
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    My first TV appearance! I got tweeted at by a stranger who recognized me from Twitter. It was weird. I was originally sitting in that director's chair, but then the AD put me in that corner because I "didn't look old enough to be important." He wasn't wrong.
  6. Comedy Bang! Bang!
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    This was the time they made me dance. It was not good.
  7. W/Bob & David
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    I only went to two tapings and ended up in three episodes. Riddle me that, editors!