(A list mostly about food)
  1. I grew up with challah as the default bread (as opposed to white or wheat) in my house. Didn't realize this wasn't normal until I was WAY too old.
  2. When I realized the best bagels I've ever had in my life are from the regular old supermarket in my parents' neighborhood (it's an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood though my family is clearly not Orthodox)
  3. When I realized that Bernie Sanders sounds like all my grandpa's friends.
  4. When I watched the JAP rap battle on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and related a little too much?
  5. Words and phrases like "oy vey," "conniption," "spiel," "nosh," "schmooze, "tchotchke" are all part of my normal vocabulary and sometimes I have to stop and explain what I'm saying to my goy boyfriend.
  6. When I'm sick and matzo ball soup is the only acceptable soup option.
  7. When Rachel on UnREAL said "Sheket bevakasha" (please be quiet) and I squealed in delight.