1. By a homeless man in front of City Hall while shooting the Batman segment of the first season of "Review." He told me he liked my fingernails and then asked me to marry him.
  2. In sixth grade by Frank. We had a ceremony officiated by someone in our class who weirdly is now in Divinity School, so is that legally binding?
  3. Last night by my boyfriend because I'm about to lose my health insurance. So romantic. I said no.
  4. By a homeless man while walking in Hollywood between our show's office and the production company's office. He asked me what it was like to wake up beautiful and then said if I let him he could make me beautiful for the rest of my life...whatever that means that I don't want to think too hard about.
  5. When I pranked everyone when I was playing a bride on "The Birthday Boys" and people thought I'd really gotten married