1. Laundry. So much laundry. Must do tonight!
    I was supposed to do this on Tuesday but was too tired. Now I'm in the danger zone and have to make sure everything is dry in time too!
  2. Buy those 3oz containers to put all my liquids in at CVS
    What can I fit into a quart -sized bag? Surprisingly little!
  3. Paint nails & toe nails. What nail art should I do for SF?!
  4. Check in for our flight ✈️
    I have all the alarms set. ⏰
  5. Pack 😬😬😬
    This will happen probably Friday night, very late. Let's be real.
  6. Go through all the SF restaurant lists I've saved over the last month.
    Thanks guys!
  7. Leave my roommate my rent check
    And pray she remembers to turn it in. I'm usually (always) the one in charge of that
  8. Ship back my VERY VERY WRONG contact lenses now that I have the correct prescription
  9. Set up my vacation auto-response for my work email