1. Today was my anniversary with two separate boyfriends.
  2. One was my very first boyfriend. It was the day of our first date. The first date I had ever been on. I was 14, and we decided immediately that we were boyfriend and girlfriend because that was how our high schools brains worked. He would end up getting expelled for pulling the fire alarm on a $5 bet when I already was planning on dumping him.
    More on that very first date here: My Very First Date
  3. The other was my first adult, post-college relationship. I was 23. He was 30.
  4. We'd talked on Tinder but never met up. I got a haircut one day and decided I looked too cute for no one to see it, so we met for coffee. We lived a ten minute walk from each other.
  5. I knew he was immediately smitten. I still had some loose ends to tie up. Two days later, we met up for coffee again, which turned into a full 10 hour date. Two days after that, on February 19th, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
  6. If you're thinking that happened much too quickly, you're right.
  7. We ran the course of a yearlong relationship in all of four weeks.
  8. I became enmeshed in his social circle. We took a road trip together. He made every acceleration he could, and I went along with it because I liked him and he was older, so I figured he knew better.
  9. I was telling my grandpa about him for the first time on the on the phone while walking to this guy's house one day, and he proceeded to break up with me that afternoon.
  10. We got back together and broke up and hooked up and crashed and burned horribly over and over again for months.
    The last time I saw him: The Last Time I Saw Him
  11. In spite of how horribly those two relationships ended, I like to think back to these February 19ths, when things were good.
  12. (Oddly enough, my anniversaries with my college boyfriend and my current boyfriend are two days apart as well)