A guy leaned out of his car to tell me to smile (To the Man Who Just Leaned Out His Car Window to Tell Me to Smile) and I posted a status on Facebook about it. Three separate white, cis, hetero boys made offensive jokes. This was my response.
  1. While I understand that you're making jokes, I don't think you fully grasp how catcalling can make people feel.
  2. For me, it sends the message that I don't deserve to have ownership or agency over my own body.
  3. That it merely exists for some stranger to say and do what he wants because he feels entitled to do so.
  4. It can be very hurtful when someone makes light of a situation in which you felt unsafe.
  5. I hope this helps you understand how important it is to be an ally, not part of the problem.
  6. (Ugh.)