Cried all throughout making this list. Oops.
  1. Friends: When Monica proposes to Chandler
    "There's a reason why girls don't do this!"
  2. Parks and Rec: Leslie's monologue in the smallest park
    "How would you imagine we do this?" "I don't know. But I know how I feel. And I want to be with you. But I'm done steamrolling people. This is how I feel. How do you feel?" Amy's performance in this scene kills me every time.
  3. Weeds: When Nancy burns Agrestic to the ground
    The song, Keepsake, by State Radio is so, so perfect. "Judah, if you're still here, I tried."
  4. The Office: When Michael pops into the finale with "That's what she said."
  5. How I Met Your Mother: When Marshall meets Lily at the airport with the marching band
    As soon as they start playing, I'm done.
  6. Scrubs: When they reveal that Brendan Fraser's character has been dead this whole time.
    "Where do you think we are?" Joshua Radin's "Winter" playing. The forever wonderful John C. McGinley.
  7. The Office: The opening of Threat Level Midnight
    "After three years of writing, one year of shooting, and four years of re-shooting, and two years of editing, I have finally completed my movie, Threat Level Midnight."
  8. Parks and Rec: Leslie's face when she goes into the voters booth to vote for herself.
    I'm crying right there with you, girl.
  9. Boy Meets World: the final scene in Mr. Feeny's classroom
    "I love you all. Class dismissed."
  10. The Office: When Jim cuts his tie in "Niagara" and basically that entire ending sequence
    There is no other reason why "Forever" should make me cry this hard.