Typical Responses I Get When I Tell People I'm From Baltimore

  1. "The Wire!!"
    I have only seen a few episodes when they showed it in my high school classes.
  2. *sings something off-key from Hairspray*
    The musical was better than the 2007 movie, and the 1988 movie is better/darker than all of the above. John Waters used to lurk around the grocery store near my school and scare people for funzies.
  3. "Do you eat a lot of crabs?"
    Crabs are really difficult to eat. I have friends that can do it neatly with a hammer and a knife. I am not one of those people. But yes, Old Bay is delicious.
  4. "Ray Lewis, huh."
    Yeah, athletes don't have great track records, OK?
  5. "The Orioles are good right now! It won't last."
    The only time the Orioles were good when I lived there was when I was in 2nd grade. In high school we used to go to $5 Friday night games. The Orioles were SO bad. Still fun though.