1. Blue Apron
    My friend send me the one free box referral, and then, somehow, they sent me a credit for 50% off the second box. So, in actuality, I ended up with 12-13 beautiful home-cooked meals for $29.95.
  2. Sweetgreen
    Sweetgreen's Insiders program sends you $12 a month in credits to fill out a survey about your visit. My go-to salad is only $8, so I got a salad and a half for free!
  3. UberEATS
    Received a $20 credit. I never use UberEATS because their delivery fee is pretty high, but I was able to use the credit to get a free dinner!
  4. Shophouse
    They lost my order so I got a card for a free bowl!
  5. (Basically this is my list for this gif)