Inspired by @MCWillZ
  1. Theater camp
    He was the Charlie Brown to my Little Red Haired girl and Cinderella's King to my Queen. He pulled the fire alarm at his school for a $5 bet and got expelled the same week I tried to break up with him. He ended up being gay.
  2. My high school friend's college roommate
    We started talking on our mutual friend's AIM the week before Obama won in 2008. We dated long distance for 3.5 years until I decided I didn't want him to move to LA with me. He's getting married this year on the anniversary of our breakup.
  3. Tinder
    He lived less than a mile from me. Our first date was coffee and three days later, he was my boyfriend. We dated a month, broke up, dated again a month later, broke up again, started seeing each other yet again--all in the span of 8 months--until he brought another date to our friend's sketch show we were seeing together.
  4. OkCupid
    I messaged him first. He took me to tea. 14+ months later and we're still in love. But I hate OkCupid.