Learned over the course of online dating/from Catfish so as not to get murdered. I've become the guru of finding friends' dates. I prefer to use this power for good, not evil (crazy obsessing), though sometimes that's difficult--just don't go too far down the rabbit hole! @linzamauve, I hope this helps & doesn't make me seem like an insane person.
  1. Type date's phone number into Facebook
    Why anyone has their phone number searchable on Facebook is beyond me. But super helpful for online stalking! (Seriously though guys, take your digits off your Facebook.)
  2. Google date's phone number
    Sometimes add their first name to your google search. Occasionally this will lead to a last name, or website, or resume, or other weird shit. The Internet is crazy!
  3. Reverse image search photos from date's profile
    A Catfish specialty! Google search but for photos! It's a simple drag and drop. Nev and Max love this shit.
  4. First name + an interest or location in the Facebook search bar
    Apparently tinder had changed since I was on it, but I had a lot of success with advanced Facebook searches when it showed mutual interests. Like "people named Rachel who live in Los Angeles and like Parks and Recreation"
  5. LinkedIn
    But make sure you're not logged in or they will see you have looked at their profile! That would be a BIG faux pas! One time I met a guy at a bar who told me his first name and the company he worked at and I found out his last name from LinkedIn. Turns out the reason he didn't want to tell me his last name was because he had a kid! On our next date he told me about the kid but thank goodness I had creeped before or I would have totally flipped out (I got all my flipping out done in advance then)
  6. Snapchat
    If they're a contact in your phone, you can see if they have a snapchat name, which can help you find their last name or Internet name for Instagram/Twitter/endless possibilities
  7. Before the actual date!!
    Tell someone where you're going and your date's name. My roommate and I always write their first and last name, along with their phone number, on first dates, just to be safe!