Coming to you from SFO, where my boyfriend and I have been trapped for many hours! (Our flight was delayed and then cancelled and then our new flight also got delayed.)
  1. Vegetable burritos at El Castillito
  2. Spinach mushroom Benedict and brioche French toast with bourbon syrup at Mission Beach Cafe
  3. Red Whale Coffee at a stand in Presidio Park
  4. Mushroom pizza at Pizzeria Delfina
  5. November cocktail at Trick Dog
  6. Breakfast burrito at Flying Pig Bistro
  7. Chocolate square samples at Ghirardelli
  8. Some weird kale and quinoa salad from a quick shop in the Financial District because I felt like I was lacking nutrients
  9. Dr. Teeth burger and classic tots at Mayhem
  10. Chicken pesto sandwich at Lou's Cafe
  11. Ecstasy pizza with lemon pepper chicken and Peach Pale Ale at Pizza Orgasmica
  12. New Orleans Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle Coffee
  13. Crab & corn bisque in a sourdough bread bowl at Boudin