My roommate/BFF and I had concert tickets for last night, and we found out several hours before that the headliner wasn't going on until 11:20pm. We are getting to old for this.
  1. Panic
  2. "We're totally young & hip & all but 10:30 is my bedtime."
  3. Leave the house to go to dinner.
  4. Go back because my roommate forgot something.
  5. Leave the house, take two.
  6. Have dinner at Noodle World so I could get soup since I'm under the weather. All the Yelp reviews just said Justin Bieber had eaten there once.
  7. Go to Starbucks so roommate could get a tea. It was only 9pm.
  8. Decide to walk home and watch an episode of Awkward but NOT LIE DOWN on the couches so we didn't fall asleep.
  9. Go back out for the third time.
  10. Run into @tothemaxxx in the lobby!! 😎
  11. Find couches to sit on.
  12. Decide never to leave the coaches. It's still an hour before they go on.
  13. Be "those girls" and very obviously take a bunch of selfies.
  14. Give up the couch when a girl in crutches comes in.
  15. Go exploring in the theater and discover a roof!!
  16. Go back to the floor.
  17. Say "We can do this" until the band takes the stage
  18. Daaaaaaance 💛💛💛
  19. Get whacked by people dancing more than we were.
  20. Get whacked by a guy trying to make his girlfriend crowd-surf.
  21. Walk home.