Inspired by @maya. A list I read months ago, but which finally resonated so hard tonight.
  1. In the basement of the Norris Bookstore
    I was with my dad buying sweatshirts. My work study was set and I ended up in the most wonderful situation with a boss who would become my parent away from home.
  2. On set of one of the worst days of my life
    I got hired from being an intern to the dream job I never could have expected so soon.
  3. At @frannyb and Zach's apartment while watching the pilot of Veronica Mars
    This was the piece that shaped the last two and a half years of my life.
  4. Tonight, at Disney California Adventure, while begrudgingly buying this Corona
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    I started crying and everyone around me thought I was insane. This is legitimately a dream come true for me. It hasn't started feeling real yet.