A question spawned from my previous list of strangest celebrity encounters: My Strangest Celebrity Encounters
  1. It was August 2012.
  2. I had been living in LA for less than a month, and having a hard time with the transition. I was afraid of driving and afraid of this weird new city, and was basically a depressed hermit.
  3. All through college, I'd gone to advance screenings of movies through some promotional website, and I saw one for this movie called Bachelorette.
  4. After signing up for the advance screening, I learned not only was it an early screening, but it was actually the PREMIERE, at the Arclight in Hollywood.
  5. My friend and I got dressed up and waited in line for hours outside, and then inside in the theater, and then, we waited some more.
  6. We were seated in the front row, and got to glimpse all the actors and filmmakers. It was one of my first "LA moments."
  7. The film itself was exactly the kind of stuff I love, and want to write, so this pumped me up in a major way.
  8. When the movie ended, we lingered in the theater to see if we could see the actors, but eventually gave up and went downstairs to go to the bathroom.
  9. As we were re-grouping in the lobby, we saw Adam Scott come down the stairs.
  10. And I thought to myself, you have to talk to him. NOW!
  11. ...but then he went into the men's restroom.
  12. But I had already psyched myself up! So we waited some more.
  13. As soon as he exited the bathroom, an Arclight staff member asked for he wanted to be escorted out, but damnit if I wasn't just gonna ignore that person and talk to him anyway.
  14. So I went up and shook his hand and told him my name was Rachel.
  15. "Hi, I'm Adam," he said, shaking my hand back.
  16. Hi, I love you, I restrained myself from saying, and instead, just told him how and I loved Parks and Rec, and Party Down, and he thanked me, and then his wife came out from her bathroom and he as escorted away.
  17. It was the best thing that had happened to me in my first 27 days in Los Angeles.
  18. It was the first time that I felt like being in LA was the right thing for me.
  19. That interaction (and being inspired by Leslye Headland's film) helped me do my first bit of writing in LA.
  20. As my journal entry from this night says, "Hopefully I can maintain this energy and finally be happy to start my life here in LA."