I love that the always-wonderful @ChrisK organized this, but I couldn't do it. I've been burned before, and that trauma kept me from putting myself out there again. But maybe next year since everyone seems to have actually gone all out.
  1. 10th grade secret Santa
    My whole class of 90 kids participated in this Secret Santa for the last three days of school before winter break. The first day, I got nothing. The second day, I got gummy worms from the cafeteria vending machine. It turned out the boy who had me was the same one in my friend circle who I was hopelessly in love with and he didn't even try! I think the third day he gave me a hot chocolate mix which was OK, but everyone else got cool gifts all three days, and I'd put a ton of effort into my gifts
  2. Pre-college music exhange
    The summer before college, a girl in my incoming freshman class organized a music exchange. People were randomly paired and then we sent each other mix tapes. I had this girl Olivia, and we sent some messages back about the music we liked and disliked. I slaved over this mix tape, writing liner notes for why I'd included each song. It took hours. I never received a CD in return and Olivia went on to join the bitchiest sorority at my college.
  3. (Also no time to go to the post office within the deadline)