1. I've been debating a lot. The only reason I felt safe posting these in the first place was because it was a controlled environment of sorts. And it's all about to be public.
  2. I thought for sure I'd delete the three lists that existed on here about it (Some Facts About August 30th, 2014; Why I Still Have Trouble Using the Word "Rape" When Discussing My Rape; The Time I Saw Him After He Raped Me). I haven't even told my parents.
  3. But it's important to talk about these things.
  4. I don't want to hide from what's happened to me.
  5. This has been such a great space to talk about big scary personal things. Let's encourage the newbies to keep it that way. Thank you @bjnovak, @dev, @Nicholas, @jeremysomething, @sophia, and the whole @list team. You made something really special. 💛