1. I fall down all the time and other general klutziness
  2. I have curly hair that's just screaming for a movie makeover where they straighten it and I'm suddenly Ms. Thang
    I regret the Ms. Thang comment.
  3. I have an embarrassingly bad dating track record (see other list: People I Shouldn't Have Dated)
    Current boyfriend aside. He is an angel. We're talking pre-boyfriend for all of this.
  4. I'm kinda* Type-A/neurotic
    *OK very
  5. I'm excellent at banter
    I learned from Joey and Pacey, the pros.
  6. I am very short so I'm loud to compensate
    I remember a magazine interview with Reese Witherspoon I saw in 7th grade where she said "When you're short, you have to have a big personality," and Reese is one of the queens of this genre so...