If you prefer Dawson we probably won't be bffs
  1. Even in high school, he calls us "women," not just "girls"
  2. We would have the best sparring matches, and banter is obviously my Achilles heel
  3. He is probably really good in bed because he learned from his English teacher.
  4. He's used to neurotic women and knows how to handle us with respect.
  5. I always go for the funny boys.
  6. The scar on his cheek.
  7. Because I didn't stop loving him even when he had frosted tips.
  8. His Hawaiian shirts would fit in with my friends because at work they have Hawaiian Fridays
  9. He listens ("I remember everything" sounds way creepier sans context)
    I know this is a list of why Pacey is MY soulmate but I felt it was necessary to add this
  11. He's a chef. And sailed. So he has practical/handy/worldly skills.
  12. He will get you locked in a Kmart overnight and play castaway with you.
  13. He takes smooching VERY SERIOUSLY.