In honor of my very first list, I'd like to list the reasons why I've decided to become a maker.
  1. My name is Rachel, and I am addicted to lists.
    As a productivity junkie, I am a firm believer in to-do lists. Like many fellow list makers, I've been known to write items on my to-do lists just to cross them off. If you look at my Evernote journal, you'll find it just as full of lists - my favorite food memories, the greatest moments of awe I've experienced - as much as paragraph-form thoughts.
  2. is a new way for me to journal
    Recently, I've gotten back in the habit of journaling my thoughts. Not too long ago, I read through journals I kept in high school, and was so glad I took the time to write them. Not only was it interesting to track my growth and see how far I've come, but it was also quite entertaining. I may not always have time to write long form essays, so lists are an easy way to quickly get my thoughts down and in order. And I'm already journaling this way (see previous point).
  3. is the gateway drug to blogging
    I've always wanted to be a writer - not in any serious way, but since I love reading, it's only fair that I produce some content rather than settling for just being a consumer of content. I've thought about blogging, but it's scary! Putting together coherent, relevant, and entertaining essays and publishing them regularly? Intimidating! Publishing a quick list? Sign me up!
  4. I have a short attention span
    I hate reading articles with long paragraphs and ambiguous purpose - why gamble with the amount of time it will take to slog through an article, only to be disappointed by not clearly understanding the intended take-away by the time I get to the end? On the other hand, I love reading articles with bullet points and short paragraphs. Yes, that makes me lazy. Oh well, I'm in good company.
  5. will make me a better writer
    Maybe I'm being a little optimistic with this one, but from a newbie's perspective, the fact that lists serve as an outline, have limitations on the number of words that can be used, and allow for a purpose statement at the beginning of each list makes me think that any of these lists could be turned into a more traditional narrative pretty easily - and more concise and interesting at the same time.
  6. will help me accomplish my goal of being a writer
    I've always wanted to be a writer, and if money was no object, I'd love to be a travel and food writer. I think it's definitely something I could do - it just requires time and experience. will help me get there for the reasons I've already noted.