While season 2 of Empire has come to an end, we aren't quite ready to say goodbye to Cookie's witty, killer one liners and infectious rules of style. 🙌🏼 👑 All together now: YASSSS, Cookie!!
  1. Local
    When she speaks truth.
  2. Local
    When she speaks more truth.
  3. Local
    When she doesn't need to say anything to n-e-one.
  4. Local
    When she gives second chances.
  5. Local
    When she makes an exit.
  6. Local
    When she stands as a woman of principles, and rhymes. 👏
  7. Local
    When she takes motherhood straight on.
  8. Local
    When she instantly hushes Lucious.
  9. Local
    When she tries to fake enthusiasm.
  10. Local
    When she's insulting and hilarious at the same time.
  11. Local
    When she holds it back.
  12. Local
    When she's worried.
  13. Local
    When her plan is working.
  14. Local
    When she makes the best of an awkward situation by flaunting fur with lingerie and it's... amazing.
  15. Local
    When she's done listening.
  16. Local
    When she bursts with demands for respect!
  17. Local
    When she's over it.
  18. Local
    When she walks out of prison...
  19. Local
    When even she can can't keep the Dynasty and her family away from trouble.
  20. Local
    And when she finds a solution.