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  1. Max Blum
    eats a lot, lazy, gay, the type of person who would pretend to be security men in black style to help his friend without her knowing, protective and caring, but also kinda an idiot, who likes the attention on them. this guy is me in every aspect.
  2. mindy lahiri
    self absorbed, comes through when needed, a total mess, loves drama.
puritan society of catholic dabs, thats what we apparently call our selves. this group will prolly be the death of me one day.
  1. Are you growing my grapes???
    some of the ppl in the chat work in a restaurant, an older man ordered wine, when it was taking a while this is what he asked the server who happened to be in the chat, and my friend.
  2. do you want a duck?
    some long things that goes around and repeats much like "you remind me of the babe" from the labyrinth.
  3. aging backwards
    nicole attest to starting as an old lady,
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bored in line for the riddler. not in order
  1. 1.
    scockwave VR
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    mr. freeze.
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i get hit with pain a lot. like physical pain that came out of no where. this is an odd list.
  1. 1.
    stabbing pain through my entire left side.
    lasted a about 5 mins.
  2. 2.
    pain surrounding the heart
    lasted abt 45 mins the first time. lasted half a day the next time. hurt to breathe.
  3. 3.
    foot pain.
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  1. a stick of butter.
    i eat butter bc im not crazy. but i only eat it like on things, as long as its not too much. but after i threw it up i wouldnt eat it for a year.
  2. chili reneno
songs that fit April 2017 "artist/band - title of piece"
  1. imagine dragons- Polaroid
  2. Brand New - Jesus Christ
  3. Fall Out Boy - Centuries
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  1. disappointed
  2. okay.
  1. surfing jesus.
    im standing on a table drawing on a wall and no one dared to stop me. idk why. im harmless.
  2. math class
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  1. bowling.
    from a new ball, to latest exhausting peace of drama, i can often been found ranting about this.
  2. bowling alley updates
    are they going to expand the alley or not??? come on man stop changing up the plan.
  3. the office.
    love this show and i can be found going on rants abt it if smone bad mouths a favorite character, or the show in general.
  4. my dad.
    tense relations.