puritan society of catholic dabs, thats what we apparently call our selves. this group will prolly be the death of me one day.
  1. Are you growing my grapes???
    some of the ppl in the chat work in a restaurant, an older man ordered wine, when it was taking a while this is what he asked the server who happened to be in the chat, and my friend.
  2. do you want a duck?
    some long things that goes around and repeats much like "you remind me of the babe" from the labyrinth.
  3. aging backwards
    nicole attest to starting as an old lady,
  4. rae's plastic knife
    i have a knife that i keep behind my ear sometimes to keep my hair back. its plastic
  5. weird ass floating cat things of death.
    A huge cat-beast with far more grace than it's appearance would make it seem, towering above all by more than a few feet. It has three pairs of arms, a set of digitigrade legs, and far too many eyes, topped with a pair of giant catlike ears- terrible on the eyes, basically. But the thing behind it is worse, a floating cat beholder.