Growing up dog

Photos of my puppy growing into a bigger puppy
  1. 1st day: just finished signing the adoption papers
  2. First car ride and a preview to his teeth (yikes)
  3. Dog tipping
  4. A few months in... When he can still fit into the crate
  5. Learning how/where to sit
  6. The passport photo, for when he needs to leave the country in a hurry
  7. The selfie
  8. Lounging
  9. He claimed this arm when I die as a future snack
  10. Now filling up the whole back seat of the car
  11. And not even sorry about it
  12. Also taking up all the couch space
  13. Will sleep as if missing two legs contralaterally
  14. Who me?
  15. Mid-bark
  16. Always on alert!