I'll experience at least one of these per week in my local gym
  1. Some guy will invariably use the locker right next to your own although most other ones are free.
  2. The air is 10% oxygen and 90% cheap aerosol deodorant. Those who use roll-on deodorant will sometimes walk to the bathroom mirror to watch themselves applying it to their armpits.
  3. Some guys prefer to drip dry over the floor instead of toweling at the shower exit.
  4. Some people are shower phobic
    they don't shower before gym although their strong body odor would politely suggest they do so, therefore why should they shower afterwards? However they're very liberal in spraying deodorant. *coughs*
  5. The courtesy hair dryer will also be used for extended pubic hair drying sessions.
  6. The prude towel contortionist will spend a prodigious amount of time hiding his nudity.