25 Tv Moms I Love

  1. Roseanne Conner, Roseanne
  2. Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development
  3. Lily Munster, The Munsters
  4. Linda Belcher, Bob's Burgers
  5. Carol Brady, The Brady Bunch
  6. Vivian Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
  7. Marge Simpson, The Simpsons
  8. Carmela Soprano, The Sopranos
  9. Maggie Seaver, Growing Pains
  10. Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls
  11. Samantha Stevens, Bewitched
  12. Carol Foster Lambert, Step By Step
  13. Reba Hart, Reba
  14. Dinosaurs, Fran Sinclair
  15. Beverly Goldberg,The Goldbergs
  16. Jessica Huang, Fresh Off the Boat
  17. Cookie Lyon, Empire
  18. Peg Bundy, Married With Children
  19. Loralei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
  20. Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
  21. Morticia Addams, The Addams Family
  22. Joyce Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  23. Wilma Flinstone, The Flinstones
  24. Kitty Foreman, That 70s Show
  25. Jane Jetson, The Jetsons