1. Leonardo Dicaprio movies where it's obvious he was just looking to win an Oscar.
  2. Any movie where Jen Aniston is the main character & it's not some type of ensemble movie.
  3. The Notebook
  4. Quiz Show
    My father took me to see this when I was 9 years old like what kind of torture
  5. Sandra Bullock movies that aren't romantic comedies
    Sorry Sandy B, Also speed counts as a romantic comedy here let's be honest.
  6. Any Adam Sandler movie after idk like 2002
  7. Depressing gay movies
    I can't watch another movie about a gay man who's is dying or his unrequited love I just can't. Give me gay romantic comedies, comedies etc.
  8. 99.9% of war movies
  9. 99.9% of westerns
  10. Artsy horror movies
  11. Silent movies
    Not to sound like a 15 year old but I just can't.
  12. The fast & the Furious movies
    Except the very first one wasn't that bad.