My favorite Pokemon I've caught so far Pt2

This game really is so addicting even after almost 3 weeks playing
  1. This precious little baby who just misses his mom
  2. This ladies man
  3. Ok I'm sorry but that's the hands down best Pokemon name ever
  4. This is one of the most evil meets cute things I've ever seen
  5. Does that dog? Fox? Both? Have curlers in her hair? WERK!
  6. This pile of possible of toxic waste looks really happy to be disgusting
  7. Why is this human fish child hybrid buff?!
  8. I'm really loving the bikini she has on
  9. I didn't think jigglypuff could get cuter but just add bunny ears!
  10. That seal looks special in the best possible way
  11. Yay I got the main character Pokemon lmao