My top 10 favorite HBO shows of all time. As of right now. Lol

In no particular order!
  1. Sex & The City
    One of my all time favorite shows. Such a fun & emotional show. I'm a charlotte 😘😉
  2. The Comeback
    A master class in comedy. So many one liners omg. Also ty @mylee_arthur for introducing me .
  3. True Blood
    I read the books & was so excited when they announced the show. Lafayette being kept alive on the show unlike the books was the best change!
  4. Oz
    Admittedly I started watching this show as a teenage boy looking for gay sex lmao but stayed for the amazing stories.
  5. Game of Thrones
    Was late to the party but caught up & so in love. I even ended up reading the books which are more vivid.
  6. Veep
    Fucking hysterical. Funniest show on tv right now.
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Was also late to this party by years but omg so funny! Susie is my absolute favorite part!
  8. Six Feet Under
    Beautiful dramatic sad amazing show.
  9. The Sopranos
    Watched this with my dad. Loved it. I am an Italian after all. Lmao & I love that the worst character had my name.
  10. Getting On
    So funny. 3 amazing comedic ladies with a British remake is comedy gold.