(Second attempt.) This is my first List. I heard of TLA (my TLA (Three Letter Acronym) for The List App) some time ago on Twitter. Earlier in the week, I heard of the Android beta for TLA. I am not an iUser, so I signed up for the beta. Here are my impressions...
  1. BJ Novak sure relists a lot of lists.
  2. The interface is simple, clean, intuitive...guessing it is modeled off of the iPhone version.
    But why don't you rotate to landscape mode? Sometimes I like my keyboard W I D E.
  3. If you have a list on TLA, I know you must have an iPhone.
    Is privacy important to you?
  4. None of my friends or contacts use TLA..
    I recognize very few TLA users, glad The Wall Street Journal was on there. I followed them and a few random people I don't know.
  5. Opened TLA this morning and got 2 short blue bars and 2 long blue bars... Waiting.
    Restarting did not help. I tried again 10 minutes later and it came up. Thought I would try again once I got home and on WiFi.
  6. Got the idea to create this list.
  7. All of a sudden, the screen when blank--completely empty, just the background.
    Pull down notifications and touch the refresh icon...that seems to bring it back.
  8. Start composing list in TLA.
  9. Got the White Screen of Comatose again. It's the middle one... Not sure why 2 show up there...
    This screen shot was taken a while later and when I touch the blank one it is not blank.
  10. Will I get my list back after the recovery work around?
  11. No.
    2 minutes of life wasted.
  12. Type the list on an alternate app. Copy-n-paste to TLA. Save often.
    Google Keep on a real key board... Copy paste on phone.
  13. Copy paste on phone sucks.
    But it does work.
  14. Ok almost done.
    Will save and add that screen shot.
  15. Hey man. Where is my draft list?
    Are you kidding me? I have to copy paste again? My first list is way too long for this.
  16. Oh yeah... It's a beta.