oh this list is so long. here's the very short version
  1. Mindy Kaling
    To be creative and so very talented is admirable, plus she's so cool
  2. Tina Fey
    What a woman! Smart, intelligent, beautiful, talented...the list is long!
  3. Bill Gates
    To live one day with his intelligence, generosity and selflessness would either inspire and change me for the better. Or simply depress me knowing I can never live it again.
  4. Ellen Degeneres
    To be that naturally funny and kind is a dream...
  5. James Corden
    Great voice, hilarious man and talented actor as well as host. A given choice. I would do carpool karaoke with Bon Jovi
  6. Queen of England
    I just wanna wear her bling and slap her son Charles. Grow up already man!
  7. Quentin Tarantino
    Just to try to understand how his mind works
  8. Malala
    Oh that courage! What a woman
  9. Amal Clooney
    Again, what a woman!
  10. My dog
    I just wanna relax and know what goes through her mind
  11. Queen Elizabeth
    Why not
  12. Madonna
    Girls just wanna have fun (I know it's not her song but she knows and def knew how to live life)
  13. Astrid Lindgren
    To see the eyes of children light up through the words coming from that beautiful mind
  14. Jane Austen
    Again with the talented writer, ahead of her time
  15. Michael Jordan
    Do I really need to explain myself?
  16. Shakespeare
    Hello! His work still lives on. He was married to Anne Hathaway and presumably had a boy toy...
  17. Adele
    So cool, funny and what a voice!
  18. Walt Disney
    Just because.