I met an Iraqi refugee at my University before my 82ND airborne friend did.
  1. What were your first thoughts when the airplane carrying you and your family touched down in America?
    Were you absorbed in the moment? RefugeeOne is right near our campus. Uptown is full of immigrants. I hope you can find someone who can share in your thoughts and feelings.
  2. How long did it take for you to make new friends in America?
    You came in 2010. It's been 6 years since. I hope you have someone to vent to when things go south.
  3. How awkward does it get when you tell someone you're from Baghdad?
    There was a long pause and akward laughter when we first met. I hope this isn't an everyday occurrence for you, but it probably is.
  4. I hear you at your work desk in the student union yelling really loud in Arabic (or Assyrian, couldn't really tell)
    If you curse out the various trouble makers in your crumbling nation, can I join too? You have freedom of speech now. Must of been wonderful to talk so much shit now.
  5. You were a Christian in Iraq. How was that experience?
    My bradly scout friend told me Christians have is very hard in Iraq.
  6. You survived Iraq. If you survived Iraq, you can survive anything.
    I remember the last time I saw you, you were laying on the couch, stone faced, about to cry. I hope your new life in America is enjoyable to every bit in the universe.