1. Place dog in yoda costume. Visit local swamp, learn the ways of the force.
  2. Ride a roller coaster.
  3. Plan a dog tea party with other dog-owning individuals. Sip said beverage on the most luxurious lawn in town.
  4. Teach dog karate. Fight crime between 8-10pm on week nights.
  5. Paint a mural with dog using only your teeth and a chew toy.
  6. Attend an Adele concert with dog on your shoulders so dog can see.
  7. Cut a lemon in half. Suck on one end and give dog the other, and see who gives up first.
  8. Go snowshoeing with dog in the Alaskan wilderness, defeating any rogue bears that may appear.
  9. Visit Disney World with dog disguised as Pluto so dog can be a double-dog.
  10. Test dog's stamina by building a maze of peanut brittle and standing at the center so dog can find you.
  11. Build a secret blanket fort with dog and plan more non-allergen, landlord-approved adventures.