1. This was created with Assembly.its an iphone app that lets u assemble different pre-made shapes into different designs.the app is free,there are a lot of different customization elements,and u can even get ur masterpiece printed onto a t-shirt!
  2. This was made with Pics Art,another free app that u can download from any app store.it allows u to take different photos that u have snapped urself,or ones that u like that u have found online as in this case,and edit them.there are a lot of filters,and lots of different stuff that u must check out because there's so much I can't list them all.
  3. Figure & Take.2 apps from the iStore,from the same company,that allow u to create beats and record ur voice to make ur own top quality songs.its like having a sound studio in my pocket lol.
  4. Lark.this is another free app from the iStore that is centered around art and words.ur given a random art background,and random words,and u have to use those words to make a sentence or a poem or anything really.it really makes u think,and inspires u to give words to ur own opinions and truth.really cool!
  5. Polyvore.this app can be found in numerous app stores and is free.u can search for different clothes or home decor,and combine them to make ur perfect outfit or roomscape.really fun!plus it has contests that u can enter to showcase ur design prowess,and different fashion houses u can join.
  6. Brainsparker.this app is free and also from the iStore.it gives u a random pic or thought bubble that u can then use as inspiration for a poem,a story,a drawing,or anything really.
  7. Crossfader.u can remix different songs together and make a new musical masterpiece.also free and from the iStore.makes u feel like a dj for sure.
  8. Penned.free and from the iStore.its an app where u can freely write anything that is in ur brain.centered around fiction,but there are also a lot of different genres showcased like poetry,song lyrics,and essays.