Eat your way through New Orleans

  1. Deanie's Seafood
    Tip: They don't take reservations. 18% service fee if you split checks. Expect to wait a bit during dinner for a table. Must Try: BBQ Shrimp. Tried BBQ at other places and it just wasn't the same.
  2. Sobou
    Must Try: Come on a Sunday for the Leg & Egg Brunch. Around 11:30am there's a live band and burlesque show. Get the "leg & egg" entree featuring soft shell crab with egg. For dessert, get the cherry bread pudding. TIP: Leg & Egg Brunch is a 3 course meal that comes with appetizer, entree, and dessert. Price will vary based on the entree.
  3. Cafe Du Monde
    TIP: Come at Night. Still crowded but way better than the long lines during the mornings on Saturday and Sunday's. Open 24/7 and Cash Only. Must Try: Beignets (comes 3 per order).
  4. Acme Oyster House
    TIP: Be ready to wait in line outside, but it's worth it for the oysters. Extra charge for split checks. Must Try: Chargrilled oysters and half shell. By far my favorite, chargrilled oysters.
  5. The Crepe Cart
    Tip: Vegan crepes available. Must Try: Everything! I tried the Nutella and Bacon. This was a lot for two people.
  6. Little Tropical Isle
    TIP: There's a few locations on Bourbon St. Must Try: Hand Granade's.
  7. Oceana Grill
    TIP: Open until 1am and located off a side street on Bourbon St. Must Try: Oceana's Famous Oysters, chargrilled with a cheese sauce similar to a fettuccine sauce.
  8. Willie Mae's
    TIP: Uber/Lyft here. Don't try to walk there. It's hidden in a neighborhood. Must Try: America's best fried chicken with a side of Mac&Cheese. Comes with peas if you choose to get Mac&Cheese.
  9. The Carousel Bar
    Tip: located right inside Hotel Monteleone. There was a live band and It does get crowded. It's hard to get a seat at the moving carousel bat but there is plenty of table and chairs around.
  10. District Donuts
    Tip: Uber/Lyft to Magazine Street. Must Try: Blueberry lemon was my favorite and chocolate chip mint.
  11. Sucre
    Must Try: Pistachio macaroon, but everything there looked yummy. So try it all?
  12. The Rum House
    Tip: this place seemed like one of the most crowded restaurant on the street. This was recommended by our driver. Must Try: Tacos and drinks!!! What's there not to like?