Most of these don't have a set theme nor are types of novelty - just some tough platforming and making use of Mario's movement to get to the finish!
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    King Goomba's Firebar Challenge
  2. 7598-0000-003F-E583
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    Spin-Jump to Win!
  3. 4D0C-0000-0081-BD50
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    Spin Cycle (one of my own courses)
  4. 7EAF-0000-0043-BFB8
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    Dad's Bad World 1
  5. BA34-0000-0015-F84C
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    Super Meat Bros.
  6. E671-0000-00B6-2384
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    Quick Run 1 - No Shrooms 4 U! (Another one of my own creations...can you beat it?)