Really just putting the AAA full retail releases here cuz tons of indies and surprises always show up, but definitely all games this Coon is looking forward to
  1. Fallout 4
    No explanation needed really - Graphics look crisp, the SPECIAL system and VATS returns, and although Wasteland 2 looks really solid especially now with the PS4 release, Fallout still really is the king of action RPG/post apocalyptic gameplay. The fact there's no level cap too and the tons of ways to replay/try different techniques or choices all really point to this being worth the price and then some, easily GOTY material.
  2. Xenoblades Chronicles X
    I still need to upgrade my 3DS to a "new" version and experience what the first Xenoblades Chronicles is about, but I've only heard and seen excellent things, the campaign is apparently long with depth and tons of customization, and the Monster Hunter esque online mode adds a really strong multiplayer addition to an already amazing looking single player action RPG. Fallout may be my top choice for the other consoles, but Nintendo still has a big hitter coming with Xenoblades on Wii U.
  3. Rock Band 4/ Guitar Hero Live
    RB4 has come out to fairly strong reviews, and I expect the same of Guitar Hero live when that arrives. While extreme rhythm gaming may have been on hold with tablet/phone games blowing up the past few years, both iconic series that topped this genre are back this year, and while it usually wouldn't matter which one to get, they both seem to boast different styles. Either way though, the electronic guitar is back in full force and at least for now, those rockstar gaming fantasies can live again.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront
    The iconic series returns, and while it's much more "Star Wars:Battlefield" than the previous Battlefront titles, the game still holds the charm the others had - large scale battles, vehicles/turrets/heroes all as human players fighting at it, and iconic Star Wars EVERYTHING. 3rd Person viewpoint is still a completely viable and available option for gameplay, and while there's no solo campaign, the multiplayer modes actually seem very different and this should be another big seller next month
  5. Yokai Watch
    The only handheld title here, Yokai Watch has done extremely well critically and commercially in Japan (where its sequel is already out and receiving the same praise), and this looks to be a good mix of a lot of very strong handheld JRPG titles - Pokemon, Dragon Quest, Fantasy Life, and more all come to mind when seeing this game in action, and since there's no Pokemon main series game this year, this will most likely take its place for me as a time consuming and charming handheld experience