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  1. Not eating prok
    Anything that comes from a pig
  2. Not accepting someone's offer the first time
    It's polite to decline, go back and forth, and then accept.
  3. Not declining food
    Guests are always supposed to say yes to food. Cause, because.
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  1. My life
    After life
  2. A good representation of me
  3. Tat Wish List
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All shot on my HTC. Please credit if you repost.
  1. We are not Arabs
    I know this doesn't fit into the culture discussion. I'm just saying this, so you know to not call some Iranian an Arab
  2. We offer EVERYTHING
    You need money? We offer. You need food? We offer. You need anything? We offer.
  3. Gatherings are full of love... and other chores.
    If you're at someone's house eating, you better offer to wash the dishes. Better yet, get up and start washing the dishes. The hostess will then try to wash the dishes. Then you two will proceed to argue over who will wash dishes... nicely. We're not mean.
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  1. Kabob Koobide
    I'm sure everyone has heard of kabob. There are many different types and this is a must.
  2. Kabob Barge
    Pronounced bah-r-K. This one is also great
  3. Kashk va Bademjoon
    This is the most amazing thing out there.
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because I'm too lazy to wake up at 6 and walk in 94℉+ weather
  1. Pack a water bottle WITH ice in it.
    Don't worry, the ice will melt fast.
  2. Drown yourself in sunscreen.
    Fill a bathtub up with sunscreen and dunk in it. DON'T forget your face.
  3. Feel free to get a tan.
    If you are like me and don't get sunburns, put on a bronzer infused with spf and enjoy.
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  1. See Again #1: Good Will Hunting
    I've see this movie 7 times and I will see it again. What can I say? My heart belongs to this beautiful work of art.
  2. #2: Drop Dead Fred
    First American movie I watched. I love that movie so much. My childhood was based on it.
  3. #3: Before We Go
    A new movie that wasn't a big hit, but I still love it unconditionally. 10/10 recommend.
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because these are too good to not share.
  1. Wow!... that's... just... wow *nervous laugh and quick rapid eye movement*
    I mean just chill. I am friendly and nice. Seriously! Ask around, my reputation is a nice girl. Plus you may think I don't notice your scared, shivery exterior but I do. I don't appreciate it.
  2. Oh! So ... *changes topic*
    Rolling my eyes so hard at this.
  3. So... do you hate America?
    Yes. That's why I live here. Are you kidding me?!? Most Iranians like America more than Americans! We are willing to go through hate and prejudice to live in a free country!
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