1. See Again #1: Good Will Hunting
    I've see this movie 7 times and I will see it again. What can I say? My heart belongs to this beautiful work of art.
  2. #2: Drop Dead Fred
    First American movie I watched. I love that movie so much. My childhood was based on it.
  3. #3: Before We Go
    A new movie that wasn't a big hit, but I still love it unconditionally. 10/10 recommend.
  4. #4: The Time Traveler's Wife
    Really beautiful. Makes you want to marry a time traveler.
  5. #5: Back to the Future
    Because I love time traveling
  6. Not See Again #1: American Beauty
    Yea, yea I know. It is a classic. I'm sorry.
  7. #2: The Conjuring
    Any scary movie actually
  8. #3: A walk to remember
    Some things are a hit. Some things are a miss.
  9. #4: Fast and furious
    All of them are good. Just not so good to see them again. Don't kill me, please.
  10. #5: X-Men
    I love my comics, but I think we should just watch this series once.
  11. Movies I own #1: Before We Go
  12. #2: Drop Dead Fred
  13. #3: Independence Day
    I don't care if the second one has real aliens. Nothing will beat this gem.
  14. #4 National Treasure
    I own both. I say this loud and proud.
  15. #5: Open Season
  16. Well that was it. Thank you!