Requested by Irvin Lin

Classic Persian Food Dishes that Everyone Should Try.

OK let's start!
  1. Kabob Koobide
    I'm sure everyone has heard of kabob. There are many different types and this is a must.
  2. Kabob Barge
    Pronounced bah-r-K. This one is also great
  3. Kashk va Bademjoon
    This is the most amazing thing out there.
  4. Ghormeh Sabsi
    It's a type of stew with rice
  5. Dolmeh
    This is well known.
  6. Chicken Kebab
    Another one!
  7. Zereshk Polo with Chicken
    Zereshk with rice and chicken
  8. Baghali Polo
    Polo means rice by the way. I don't like this dish, but I'm picky. Feel free to try :)
  9. All right! Those are some great dishes. And try salad Shiraz (onions with cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, and lemon juice) and mast va khiar (yogurt and cucumber with dried mint)