because these are too good to not share.
  1. Wow!... that's... just... wow *nervous laugh and quick rapid eye movement*
    I mean just chill. I am friendly and nice. Seriously! Ask around, my reputation is a nice girl. Plus you may think I don't notice your scared, shivery exterior but I do. I don't appreciate it.
  2. Oh! So ... *changes topic*
    Rolling my eyes so hard at this.
  3. So... do you hate America?
    Yes. That's why I live here. Are you kidding me?!? Most Iranians like America more than Americans! We are willing to go through hate and prejudice to live in a free country!
  4. Oh! Look at time! It is getting late, I better go.
    At 1:00 pm.
  5. Hahahha, nice meeting you! Hope we can see each other soon. Call me
    I don't have your number.
  6. Are you here... legally?
    Yes. Yes I am. Do you want to see my citizenship? I carry it around for dumb, rude, petty people like you.
  7. Well those are some I've gotten. I do get nice responses here and there, and I'm thankful for that. However I do get annoyed when stuff like this happen.